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We believe it’s all about the mitochondria. By producing more energy, you receive tremendous benefits such as slowing down the signs of aging and reducing your risk of chronic disease. We are focused on delivering individualized plans that will improve your energy at a cellular level.

Not sure where to start? Test your deuterium levels and we will send you personalized nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve your optimal level.

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Deuterium depleted water - achieving healthy blood deuterium levels through deuterium depletion

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Deuterium Saliva Test Kit and Depletion Recommendations


Deuterium Depleted Water

Litewater 10ppm 67.6oz (2L) (4pcs – 8L Total)


Hydro Health 25 ppm 500 ML x 24 piece Box


Hydro Health 50 ppm 500 ML x 24 piece Box