About Deuterium Depletion

While research has shown that Deuterium Depletion has anti-aging effects, lower Deuterium levels in saliva correlate with more energy production at a cellular level and eventually lead to Optimal Health. Hormone, Vitamin D, and inflammation markers are synergistic to Deuterium testing in the quest to optimal health and disease prevention. These tests can be performed in the privacy of your home using our saliva and blood spot kits. No Blood Drawing at a lab or medical office.


Deuterium Management Solutions

The 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded for discoveries that involved nanomotors in the mitochondria. Each minute, these tiny motors produce energy by interchanging countless hydrogen atoms. To carry out daily tasks, you need sufficient energy. If there is a shortage, your body will be forced to prioritize functions and may not even have the adequate energy to preserve a strong and responsive immune system.