Welcome to Your Optimal Health Journey

Your Deuterium Depleted Experience Starts Here!

We are excited to launch our Saliva Deuterium Test core to our Deuterium Depletion Program. In addition, we offer our synergistic:

  •  Saliva-Bloodspot Kit
  •  Female/Male Hormone-Inflammation
  •  Vitamin Anti-Aging Panel

Tied to our monitoring program, we offer Deuterium Depletion Solutions, including low deuterium cellular hydration and mitochondria functional supports.

We are also connected to our center of excellence for Optimal Health in Denver, Colorado.  Eon Well offers the best in-class FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent), LightStim Red Light Therapy and Infra Red Sauna platforms. When applied together, results have been proven to increase cellular ATP production by 700%! These solutions are the perfect combination to scientifically improve blood flow, vitality and the body detoxification process.

Please contact the Matrix Medical Fitness team to see how you can biohack your body in this ever increasing non-native EMF, Blue Light and toxic environment.

Deuterium Saliva Test

Reducing Deuterium in the human body has been proven as a revolutionary breakthrough in the wellness world; a true bio-hack of the human race. This test, meant to precisely identify your Deuterium level, is one of the first steps to Optimal Health.

Anti-Aging Hormone Kit

Improve your personal performance and quality of life by identifying and treating the hormone imbalances. This test kit will help you get your life back.

I Love This Drink

Super light water based and supercharged with 21 essential amino acids, this drink will boost your health performance, increase metabolism and enhance athletic endurance. Excellent results when consumed during your workout.